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At Ocean Cigars we are the first in our area to carry them and we sell them at below online pricing (as we do with all our vape products)! Smok—the leading innovator in vape products—has taken the wildly popular Juul vape idea and improved it greatly. With the Smok Infinix you get the portability, and ease that the Juul made popular.

Smok reimagined the Juul by making the pods refillable! Forget the hassle of vaping an expensive pod and throwing it away. Now you can refill your pods on the go or fill multiple pods and have them ready when you need them. Smok was able to create a higher quality, more functional, and cheaper solution to the Juul.

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Manufacturer’s Description:

The Smok Infinix Kit features a sleek curved shaped body and mouthpiece, for a comfortable tight seal. It has a powerful internal battery rated up to 250mAh, so you can enjoy an incredible vaping experience all day! Its pod system renounces the need to refill your E-liquid on the go, simply fill your pods beforehand, snap on a new pod and you’re ready to vape! Combine the Smok Infinix Kit with nicotine salts or high nicotine eliquids for the best experience possible and you’ll see just how amazing this device is!